International Artist Residency SPOT 13

Submission deadline 8 March 2017

Duration of the residency 8 – 26  May 2017



What is Artist Residency SPOT 13?

The artist residency SPOT 13 offers the opportunity to artists from all the world to access the artistic and cultural scene in Cartagena, known by its human heritage (UNESCO) and main cultural and touristic district of Colombia. Cartagena has been the center of Colombian tourism and represents one of the main Colombian cultural heritage from colonial Spanish times.


SPOT 13 has been developed allowing guest artists to immerse in local cultural scene, to have access to local artist practices as well as get to know daily life in Cartagena. Within the frame of the residency programme, artists can develop new work or finalize ongoing work, the only requirement to apply is that the work is created within the following subjects: human rights, slavery, history of Cartagena and Gender subjects. Artists will have access to talks, archive and research material related to the subjects proposed for the residence.


The residency expects to create a conversation between guests artists and allows the creation of a space for dialogue where vision and conception of the proposed themes will have a zone of expression, which will enrich the practice of the artists and will also give them a look onto local artistic practices as well as allow access to the public to different interpretations of colombian social context.


SPOT 13 takes place once a year, being 2017 its first edition of artist residencies.


Characteristics of the residency

  1. The artists will live for 20 days in a hotel Torres del Lago , at the time they will access local artistic and cultural scene in Cartagena; while the duration of the residency, artists will have access to talks with practitioners involved in Cartagena’s artistic scene such as art historians, art restorers, curators and art critics.


Creation and finalization of work time frame: 8 to 19 May

Exhibition of the artworks: 22 to 26 May

Exhibition space: Claustro San Pedro (built in 1580 and rebuilt in Century XVI).

The artworks will be exhibit at Jorge Jurado Art Studio (Bogota) in June.







Jorge Jurado Art Studio will select 15 international artists, whose practice develops around the proposed themes for the residency. The language used for the residency programme is English.

Steps to apply:


  • Send the form filled in by 8 March
  • Send motivation letter by 8 March
  • Send CV by 8 March
  • Send portfolio by 8 March
  • Pay deposit fee of USD 50 corresponding to subscription and which will be added to the general fee of the residency programme. Payment should be done by 8 March
  • Pay the remaining fee of the residency programme by 5 April


Residency cost:

USD 1,450



The fee includes:

  • Bed and breakfast for 20 days in an shared room for 4 persons
  • Transportation and entrance to main museums (modern Art Museum, History Museum of Cartagena) and main touristic spots in the city
  • Production cost of the exhibition
  • Vernissage of the exhibition
  • Local phone cards


Jorge Jurado Art Studio Jorge Jurado Art Studio is a multidisciplinary space where programs and projects belonging to the cultural and creative industries are managed.

We create opportunities for the development of cultural relations through workshops, exhibitions and commercialization of goods and services with a cultural and artistic character. We promulgate the creation and diffusion of the cultural offer, supporting artists, managers and entrepreneurs of cultural projects.


Please send any inquiries and the documents to





In order for your registration to be valid, please transfer the registration fee of USD 50,- to:

Name Jorge Humberto Jurado Hernandez
BANK Bancolombia


ACCOUNT NUMBER 20717352790
SWIFT COLOCOBM (if 11 digits are asked, add three ‘X’ by the end of the code)


Reference 005/17 “NAME, FIRST NAME”



Please note, that you must put the reference number in order for your payment to be allocated correctly. We can only process your application once we have received the payment. The registration is binding. If you wish to withdraw from the program later, the registration fee cannot be reimbursed.


Bank fees and wire costs should be covered by the participants. Please take that into account when making a payment. Paypal payment is allowed


Terms & Conditions

1)Registration fee is USD 50. It is binding and non-refundable. After the registration fee is paid, the application undergoes the process of selection. Selected participants will be notified by 15 March


1) Selected participants should make a payment JORGE JURADO ART STUDIO’S account in the amount of USD 1,450   no later than 5 April 2017.


This fee includes:

  • Bed and breakfast for 20 days in a hotel.
  • Transportation and entrance to main museums (modern Art Museum, History Museum of Cartagena) and main touristic spots in the city
  • Production cost of the exhibition
  • Vernissage of the exhibition
  • Local phone cards


3)You are required to stay during the whole residency from 8 – 26 May

If you arrive later or leave earlier, you will be also counted as a regular participant, thus paying the full price for the program of USD 1,450 . In case you cancel your participation, reimbursement of the funds are not possible.


2) SPOT 13 does not provide health insurance for participants.


By returning this form to us, you confirm that you have read the terms & conditions set out above.


We are looking forward to seeing you in Cartagena and wish you good luck in the selection process.



Jorge Jurado Art Studio Team